We offer a wide range of chemical products from the most technologically advanced manufacturers for various industrial applications such as textile, rubber, films, composites, urethanes, metal working, coatings, adhesives, coupling agents, UV and EB curing and many others.

Major products groups are epoxides (incl. cycloaliphatic resins, high purity and bio-based grades, epoxy acrylates), UV curable acrylates and methacrylates, photo acid generators, oxetane monomers, high molecular modifiers, metal working chemicals.

Metalworking Chemicals

Organic Binders for Powder Metallurgy and Ceramics

Organic Compounds for Pharmaceuticals and Agrochemicals

Reactive Monomers for Coupling Agents

Materials for UV and EB Curing

Hydrogenated Bisphenol A Diglycidyl Ether

Oxetane Derivatives

Phenol-based Epoxy Acrylate


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