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2-hydroxy-3-phenoxypropyl acrylate

It is a reaction product of phenyl glycidyl ether and acrylic acid. Due to its excellent features and first of all its low viscosity DA-141 is often used as a component in UV curable systems.


  • Raw material for UV curable resins for inks, paints and photo-sensitive formulation
  • Cross-linking agent to improve water resistance and adhesive strength of resins used in textile and paper industries


Our epoxy acrylate has low viscosity and low vapor pressure. Thanks to hydroxy group in its structure it has good compatibility with polyamides, polyvinyl aclohol and polyesters. DENACOL ACRYLATE DA-141 provides excellent adhesive properties to plastics and metals due to interaction between adherend and hydroxy group.

Additional Information

Product Specification

Appearance Light yellow liquid
Color (GARDNER) 1
Viscosity (mPa/s / 25°C) 220
Acid Value (mgKOH/g) 5


Vadym Kharchenko

Unit Manager