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CAS No. 1592-20-7 & 30030-25-2

Chloro methyl styrene (CMS) is a difunctional monomer which contains a polymerizable double bond and chloromethyl group. In recent years, there is an increasing tendency for adding various functions to polymers and CMS has become the center of attention in each industrial field as “a reactive monomer”.


  • Ion-exchange membrane
  • Silane coupling agent
  • Resin and rubber modifier
  • Photographic material
  • Photosensitive material
  • Fibers
  • Resist


Appearance Slighty yellow transparent liquid (coloring with a polymerization inhibitor)
Molecular Weight 152,62
Boiling Point 229-240°C
Freezing Point -15.5°C
Specific Gravity (25°C) 1.09-1.10
Viscosity cps (25°C) 1.8-1.9cps
Refraction Index nD25 1,57
Surface Tension 38m N/m
Solubility H2O in CMS 0.07g/l
CMS in H2O 0.6g/l
Flash Point (CMS-Para) 107°C (108°C)

Additional Information

Product Specification

CMS-Para CMS-Mixture
Purity CMS ≥95% ≥95%
α-chloromethyl styrene ≤2% ≤2%
Dichloro-form ≤2% ≤2%
Meta 5% 45-55%
Para 95% 45-55%

Product Varieties

Chloromethylstyrene (CMS), also called Vinylbenzyl chloride, is mixture of meta and para isomers. Two grades of CMS are available (1) CMS-Para (para-isomers only), (2) CMS-Mixture (a mixture of meta and para isomers)


Vadym Kharchenko

Unit Manager