Our Vision

“To realize a sustainable world where people live with peace of mind, each of us embodie our value proposition “Identify, Develop and Expand” through daily activities.”

NAGASE is a global distributor for specialty chemicals and ingredients. This role offers great potentials but comes also with sustainable responsibilities. We are aware that our actions today have major impacts on the future and the next generation.

Our Focus Areas


Our Target

  • Contribute to the maintenance of the global environment
  • Limiting climate change
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption

Our Action

  • Reduce and recycle waste in our office
  • Continued optimization eco-friendly products for office and cleaning
  • Change to green energy and district heating
  • Company payed ticket for commuting by public transportation


Our Target

  • Offer workshops and trainings to employees on sustainability practice including waste reduction, energy efficiency, and green commuting options
  • Promote the use of public transportation, bicycles, or carpooling
  • Provides policies and benefits that address diverse needs and backgrounds, including flexible work hours and parental leave options
  • Prioritize providing training and education on various cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds to foster an environment where employees are respectful and understanding of their colleagues’ differences

Our Action

  • Promote working from home for several days per week to minimize carbon emissions from commuting
  • Promote video conferencing and other communication tech to reduce travel needs
  • Prioritize hiring from diverse backgrounds and demographics, ensuring inclusive job requirements that do not exclude any specific groups of people
  • Committed to actively seeking out and addressing any biases or misunderstandings to promote a respectful and inclusive environment
  • Conduct regular surveys to employee satisfaction, engagement, and identify areas for improvements





30 %

Women in Leadership Positions (intotal 11)

  • Longer than 10 Years at Nagase (Europa) GmbH 30% 30%
  • 0 – 5 Years at Nagase (Europa) GmbH 54% 54%

Data as of 05/2023

Sustainable Products

Our Target

  • Foster green raw material production and supply

Part of Our Sustainable Products
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Quality Management System

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015

Code of Conduct

    CoC Training Manual

    Internal compliance Systems

    • Compliance Hotline for Employees (European wide)
    • Data Protection (GDPR)
    • IT Security Policy