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CAS No. 76275-14-4 & Others

Photosensitizers are additives which absorb the long wave UV and transfer the energy coming from it to initiators. By using photosensitizers one can not only accelerate curing speed and deep curing, but also improve properties of cured products.


UVS-series photosensitizers are used for UV cationic, radical or hybrid polymerization in such fields as inks, coatings, adhesives, electronic materials, thick films. They can be recommended for curing thick layers by long wave UV to achieve depth, as well as for usagers of LED light sources at wavelenght from 365-405 nm to achieve higher curing rate.


UVS-series photosensitizers accelerate hardening process including filler and pigments, reduce dosage of photoinitiator, optimize the efficiency of energy transfer leading to smooth surface and good adhesiveness; they are applicable for various photoinitiators including iodonium and sulfonium salts.

Additional Information

Product Specification

Chemical Name 9,10-Dibutoxyanthracene
Molecular Formula C22H26O2
Molecular Weight 322,48
Purity ≥98%
Appearance Yellow powder
Melting Point 111°C

Product Varieties

Beside a main UVS-photosensitizer there are several sensitizers under development with other substituents instead of alkyls or with sensitivity to UV light of even longer wavelengths. Some of them can be used as co-photosensitizers, maximizing the performance of the main one, increasing transmissibility and compatibility, further maximizing efficacy of photoinitiator and improving the yellowing.

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