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CAS No. 106-92-3

Allyl Glycidyl Ether (AGE) is a multifunctional organic intermediate made from epichlorohydrin and allyl chloride and is featured by high functionality and low chlorine content.
Since it has an epoxy group and an allyl group, AGE reacts with a wide range of compounds.


It is used as a raw material for silicone compounds such as coupling agents and processing agents for fibers and paper, as a component for air-drying unsaturated polyester resin paints, as a component for epichlorohydrin rubber, and as a raw material for water treatment chemicals.

Since AGE is featured by low chlorine content, it is often used for electronic material applications such as semiconductor sealants and printed circuit boards.

Additional Information

Product Specification

Appearance Clear liquid
Color ≤10 Hazen
Purity ≤99.5%
Chlorine Content ≤100ppm
Water Content ≤0.05%
EP 0.08%


Vadym Kharchenko

Unit Manager