NAGASE’s Personal Care Department will introduce three new functional ingredients at in-cosmetics® global Innovation Zone next week. All those ingredients are produced based on sustainable concept.

Micromica MK-100K-C: A new functional base powder developed from upcycling resources. It is produced with an innovative technology utilizing potassium fluorosilicate, a by-product of fertilizer to enhance the properties and qualities of conventional base powders.

RUBLALEAF™ KCX-5000: A natural, sustainable sensory enhancer designed to provide qualities and physical effect similar to traditional microplastic beads (MPBs). It was developed with unique technology to form cellulose fibers into spherical beads.

Lissenare™: A naturally derived hair styling ingredient offering flexible creations with firm hold. Using fermentation process, it is a functional saccharide derived from starch composed mainly of isomalto-oligosaccharide which exists in many Japanese fermented food and “Japanese sake”.

Two of them, Micromica MK-100K-C and RUBLALEAF™ KCX-5000, are listed as functional ingredients on the shortlist of in-cosmetics® global Award!

For further inquiries, please visit in-cosmetics® global Innovation Zone or at our booth on F11; alternatively, please contact us at