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Moisturization – Trehalose

Trehalose is well known for its regenerative ability and can be found in a wide variety of plants and animals that are able to withstand prolonged periods of desiccation.

Trehalose 100 a naturally occurring non-reducing disaccharide acting as a moisturizer and protecting agent that defend skin and hair from dehydration.

With low viscosity at relatively high concentrations and is stable at various temperatures for an extended period of time.

Key benefits

・Protects skin and hair from dehydration
・Prevent oil rancidity

INCI Names



  • Ecocert
  • China Compliant
  • Halal


Global & Distributor


  • Skin Care
  • Body Care
  • Oral Care

Personal Care

Harmonie Magniez
for customers in France

Grace Wong, Maiko Ohashi
for EU customers outside France