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  • Trehalose is a non-reducing disaccharide consisting of two glucose molecules linked by an α,α‒1,1 bond.
  • White dihydrous crystalline powder
  • Very soluble in water and heat resistant
  • Trehalose SG is highly purified trehalose with low endotoxin




  • Stabilization of antibodies, peptides, and vaccines for injection
  • Excipient for lyophilized injectables

Product Specification

  • Purity Not less than 99.0 %
  • Low Endotoxin

Regulatory Status:

  • Ph. EUR
  • USP-NF
  • JP
  • CP
  • US Type IV DMF
  • Halal


  • Protects the quality of products during processing due to its non-reactivity. TREHALOSE SG does not participate in the Maillard reaction, preventing the development of undesired colors, odors and flavors.
  • Heat and acid resistant (pH 2 and 100̊C for 24 hours)
  • Stable amorphous phase under high temperature due to its high glass-transition temperature (TG:approximately 120 ℃). TREHALOSE SG can be used as a stabilizer for biomaterials due to its protective effect against environmental temperature variations.

Packaging Size

  • 1 kg PE bag
  • 5 kg PE bag in a fiber drum
  • 20 kg PE bag in a carton box
  • 20 kg PR bag in a plastic container


Volker Wagner

Sales Manager