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Trehalose is a plant-based, non-reducing disaccharide. It can be used for food contact and packaging applications.

Trehalose is present in the bodies of small animals such as tardigrades and in plants such as Selaginella, and thus allows them to survive in harsh environments such as deserts. Many researchers have demonstrated that trehalose protects cells and proteins from the stress of freezing and desiccation.

Dried Selaginella                        2h after water supply                 8h after water supply



  • Functional fibre material (e.g. sportswear)
  • Microbial preparation (e.g. protect lactic acid bacteria)
  • Moisturizer (e.g. exhaust gas filter DPF)
  • Frost inhibitor (e.g. to protect the air conditioner outdoor unit)
  • Cultural property protection material (e.g. to protect excavated wooden property)

Additional Information

・Excellent stability
・Heat resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance
・Stabilization by vitrification
・High crystallinity
・Low hygroscopicity
・Low browning

Product Specification

  • White crystalline powder.
  • Soluble in water, DMSO, DMF; poorly soluble
  • Insoluble in other organic solvents

Content (per solid) ~98.0 % or more
Residue on Ignition Not more than 0.05 %
pH 4,5 – 6,5 (30 % aqueous solution)


Molecular Weight Anhydride 342
Glass Transition Temp. 120 °C
Decomposition Temp. 258 °C
Viscosity (10 % w/w aqueous solution) 1.2 mPa*s (25 °C)
Electrical Conductivity ~1 µS/cm (30 % aqueous solution)

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