Trehalose for Agriculture: Enhancing Crop Growth Naturally

Unleash the power of Trehalose, a naturally occurring disaccharide composed of two glucose molecules, in transforming agricultural practices. Found organically in mushrooms, yeast, and selected bacteria, insects, and plants, Trehalose offers a myriad of applications across various agricultural domains.



  • Liquid inoculant
    Boost soil health and plant growth by strengthening your liquid inoculant with trehalose for enhanced stability and prolonged shelf life.
  • Seed coating
    Optimize seed coating with trehalose, a resilient agent ensuring the survival of Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) under dry and high-temperature conditions.
  • Bio-control
    Utilize trehalose as a stabilizer for effective bio-control solutions.


  • Naturally Occurring
    Trehalose harnesses the power of nature for sustainable agricultural solutions.
  • Soluble and Osmo-Regulator
    Achieve optimal water solubility and osmotic regulation for enhanced plant hydration.
  • Excellent Heat Stability
    Withstand varying temperatures, including autoclavable conditions, without compromising efficacy.
  • High Purity
    Maintain optimal pH levels with Trehalose’s high purity, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Stabilizing Effect
    Experience the stabilizing effect of Trehalose on biomaterials and cells, ensuring prolonged efficacy.

How Trehalose Works?


Trehalose employs vitrification, creating a glassy matrix to protect cocoon or amber. This physical shielding shields cells and proteins from abiotic stresses, ensuring their integrity under dry conditions.

Indirect and Direct Influence of Trehalose

Effect on Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria

Harness the benefits of bacterial inoculation, particularly with N2 fixing bacteria, to boost crop yield and reduce reliance on environmentally toxic fertilizers.

Living Organism’s are Sensitive to:

Shelf life extension of biologics:

  • Typically 6 months at ambient condition
  • With Trehalose, extend shelf life up to 24 months

Choose trehalose for agriculture and embrace sustainable, high-performance solutions for your crops.

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