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Scales Colors are the color grades of Black Diamond®, which consists of reduced titanium oxide (TiOx)-coated mica microparticles.


  • Paint & Coatings
  • Printing Ink
  • Plastic Additive


  • Good dispersability
  • Stability in water
  • Heat and chemical resistance

Additional Information

Global Registration
Country M010-1 M010-2 G020L G014H G070H
MITI Japan
TSCA USA LVE (10 ton/Y as Tilack D Layer)
ECL Korea
ECN Taiwan
AICS Australia x x x x x
PICCS Philippines x x x x x

Product Specification

Grade Specification
Color Base Thickness D10 D50 D90
Black Diamond M010-1 Black Natural Mica 400-500nm 1µm 1µm 18µm
Black Diamond M010-2 Black Natural Mica 400-500nm 5.8µm 10µm 14µm
Black Diamond G014H Black Glass Flake 1µm 8.5µm 14µm 26µm
Black Diamond G020L Black Glass Flake 1µm 10.7µm 20µm 32µm
Black Diamond G030H Black Glass Flake 1µm 30µm
Black Diamond G070H Black Glass Flake 1µm 37µm 70µm 124µm
Scales Color M020-B Black-Blue Natural Mica 400-500nm 20µm
Scales Color M020-G Black-Green Natural Mica 400-500nm 20µm
Scales Color M020-R Black-Red Natural Mica 400-500nm 20µm
Scales Color M020-Y Black-Yellow Natural Mica 400-500nm 20µm

Product Varieties

We offer four grades of Scales Colors:

✓ Gold-Yellow/Black M020-Y
✓ Red/Black M020-R
✓ Blue/Black M020-B
✓ Green/Black M020-G

Various colors can be created and adjusted.

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Saskia Kriese

Sales Manager