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DENAZYME NNC is a pure, microbial protease with high collagenase activity.

As the leading food-grade protease, it can be used to tenderize all kinds of meat.

The effect is most visible when compared to meat which has not been matured / aged. The meat is effectively tenderized without negative effects on the red “muscle” meat fibres (actin-myosin filaments). It is produced via microbial fermentation of a Streptomyces sp. strain.


Meat Products

  • Reduces processing / cooking time of meat products such as “pulled” or canned meat products
  • Tenderizes meat products without breaking down non-collagen proteins
    (“red” muscle meat fibers remain intact)

Effective and controlled tenderization even during long storage periods

  • When collagen substrate has been broken down, the achieved meat texture remains stable


  • Highly pure enzyme activity with high specificity towards collagen
  • Easily inactivated during meat processing (cooked meat products)
  • Produced by microbial fermentation, kosher & halal, GRAS

Additional Information

How does it work?
Connective tissue in meat is largely composed of collagen. It is the reason for the tough texture of meat which has not undergone maturation / aging. DENAZYME NNC selectively hydrolyzes collagen, resulting in a significant tenderization of the meat. Breaking down collagen gives meat various benefits, including increased tenderness, higher juiciness and a better taste due to an increased amount of free amino acids.

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Torben Katzmann
Sales Manager