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The Epostar MV series are PMMA based organic anti blocking particles giving very low Coefficient of Friction to BOPP films. The spherical particles are available in particles sizes from 4µ to 10µ for best adjustment to the film thickness and their refractive index is matching with BOPP. The Epostar MV- series is food contact compliant with the main regulations worldwide.


Anti blocking agent mainly for BOPP film production.

Product Specification

Item Unit Typical Values
MV1002 MV1004 MV1006 MV1010
Appearance White Powder
Volume Average Diameter µm 2,4 3,6 6,1 9,9
Decompostition Temperature
Under Air
°C 315 318 319 317
Refractive Index 1,5 1,5 1,5 1,5

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