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Add coat wire is resin-coated wire which is used in the process of profile extrusion process to prevent shrinkage of profile as well as bring other benefits and efficiency for the moulding process.


Car body sealing such as:

  • Glass run channels
  • Roof mouldings
  • Rear window mouldings
  • Bulb mouldings
  • Body side mouldings
  • Inner and outer belt mouldings
  • Door seal mouldings
  • Front window moulding


  • Stops shrinkage
  • Precision cutting during extrusion moulding
  • Giving stability of moulding hence speed up extrusion process
  • Reduction of feeding time in extrusion process hence speed up the process
  • Wide range of resin can be used

Product Varieties

  • Wire for PVC
  • Wire for Olefin


  • Cost reduction
  • Production efficiency


Mark Hruska

Sales Manager