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Our liquid and powder products contain a pure, microbial phospholipase A2 with functionality for phospholipid hydrolysis. It is usefull for a variety of applications, including for emulsions (sauces and dressings), baked goods (cakes and breads), and hydrolyzed lecithin production (soybean, sunflower, or rapeseed). PLA2 NAGASE products are kosher and halal certified, vegan-suitable alternatives to phospholipase A2 derived from porcine pancreas. They are produced via microbial fermentation of a Streptomyces sp. strain.


Modified Egg Yolk (to be used in Emulsions such as Mayonnaise, Sauces and Dressings):
• Increases emulsifying property of egg yolks
• Improves heat stability of end-products such as mayonnaise
• Enhances viscosity and smooth mouthfeel

Baked Goods (Cakes and Breads):
• Increases volume
• Extends shelf-life
• Improves crumb structure and softness
• Helps to reduce use of emulsifiers

Hydrolyzed Lecithin:
• Improves hydrolyzed lecithin stability during shelf-life
• Changes emulsification properties of resulting lecithin


Highly pure PLA2 activity from a microbial fermentation, Easy Inactivation, kosher & halal, vegan-suitable, GRAS

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Torben Katzmann
Sales Manager