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Oxazoline grafted polymer is a low-temperature curable cross-linker through high reactivity with –COOH structures. The product has a long pot-life and no reactive by-products. It demonstrates low toxicity and has good compatibility with engineering plastics that have –COOH type acids. Improved moisture resistance, heat resistance, drying time, film properties, and adhesion to substrates, such as polyester.


  • Coatings (metal, film, paper, plastics, leather, etc.)
  • Adhesives, PSAs
  • Paint
  • Ink
  • Primer
  • Pigment printing
  • Binders for nonwoven cloth
  • Fiber surface conditioner


  • Good reactivity with non-alcohol hydroxyl groups
  • Good non-toxic adhesion promotion characteristics
  • Great adhesion promoting synergist when used with CPOs

Product Specification

Available in emulsion, solution, or granule form for compounding into thermoplastics.

Product Varieties

Waterborne and emulsion grades:

  • Non-toxic crosslinkers and adhesion promoter

Solid/Pellet form for thermoplastics:

  • Disperses additives
  • Promotes adhesion
  • Acid-trapping, and improves melt viscosities

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