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Nippon Ply’s J-Bright film is a Multi layered metallic film mainly used for exterior moldings in automotive industry. It serves a decorative purpose and provides a great luminant sheen effect for car’s exteior look.


  • Outer Belt Moulding
  • Rear Quarter Moulding
  • Side Moulding
  • Bumper Moulding
  • Window Upper Moulding


  • Lightweight
  • Available in extrusion grade and injection mould grade, therefore colour matching encapsulated decorative trim parts (e.g. RR quarter mould) is easy.

Product Varieties

Metallic grade:

  • High gloss chrome
  • Mat chrome
  • Satin
  • Piano (high gloss) black


  • Cost advantage compared to aluminium or steel trim
  • Production efficiency


Attila Komlos

Sales Manager