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If paper is coated with colour former formulations, an image forms on the paper when pressure or heat is applied. Applications with carbonless and thermal paper such as receipts, tickets, barcode labels, lottery tickets, special stationary and many other. We offer the full range of Black, Blue, Red and Green colour formers for such applications.

Product Varieties

Regular Grades

Product Hue CAS No.
RED 500 RED 115392-27-3
RED 520 RED 4228-32-0
CVL BLUE 1552-42-7
S-205 BLACK 70516-41-5
BLACK 305 BLACK 129473-78-5
BLACK 400 BLACK 89331-94-2
ETAC BLACK 59129-79-2
BLACK 100 BLACK 68134-61-2
NIR BLACK 78 BLACK 113915-68-7


Order Made Grades

Product Hue CAS No.
BLUE 220 BLUE 114090-18-5
H-3035 BLUE
BLUE 203 BLUE 98660-18-5
GREEN 300 GREEN 34372-72-0
ATP GREEN 42530-35-8
H-1046 GREEN
H-2114 GREEN


Klaus Rörig

Sales Manager