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We have long experience in latex production and we can supply plain or carboxy-modified latex particles of different sizes depending on our customer needs. In addition to the size control and highreproducibility our particles have excellent long-term stability of up to 24 months.

Plain Latex Series
Surface Modified: none
Solid Content: 10 wt%
Product Name Particle Size (DLS)
FK-S100D 100 nm
FK-S120D 120 nm
FK-S140D 140 nm
FK-S160D 160 nm
FK-S180D 180 nm
FK-S200D 200 nm
FK-S250D 250 nm
FK-S300D 300 nm
FK-S350D 350 nm
FK-S400D 400 nm

Carboxy-modified Latex Series

Surface Modified: COOH
Solid Content: 10 wt%

Product Name Particle Size (DLS)
FK-C100D 100 nm
FK-C120D 120 nm
FK-C140D 140 nm
FK-C160D 160 nm
FK-C180D 180 nm
FK-C200D 200 nm
FK-C250D 250 nm
FK-C300D 300 nm
FK-C350D 350 nm
FK-C400D 400 nm


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