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Discover Quality Latex Particles from Nagase

At Nagase, we leverage our extensive expertise in latex production to deliver top solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Explore the benefits of our latex particles, available in plain or carboxy-modified variants, and choose from a range of sizes to meet your unique needs.

Why Nagase for Latex Particles?

  • Size Control Expertise:
    Benefit from our precise size control capabilities, ensuring that you receive latex particles tailored to your exact specifications.
  • High Reproducibility:
    Count on the consistency and reliability of our latex particles. Our commitment to high standards guarantees reproducibility in every batch.
  • Exceptional Long-Term Stability:
    Our latex particles boast remarkable long-term stability, extending up to 24 months. Trust in the durability of our products for sustained performance.
  • Customized Solutions:
    We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing latex particles that align with your unique application requirements.

Applications of Latex Particles:

  • Research:
    Ideal for various research applications requiring precise and stable latex particles.
  • Industry:
    Our latex particles find applications in diverse industries, meeting the demands of cutting-edge technologies.
Plain Latex Series
Surface Modified: none
Solid Content: 10 wt%
Product Name Particle Size (DLS)
FK-S100D 100 nm
FK-S120D 120 nm
FK-S140D 140 nm
FK-S160D 160 nm
FK-S180D 180 nm
FK-S200D 200 nm
FK-S250D 250 nm
FK-S300D 300 nm
FK-S350D 350 nm
FK-S400D 400 nm

Carboxy-modified Latex Series

Surface Modified: COOH
Solid Content: 10 wt%

Product Name Particle Size (DLS)
FK-C100D 100 nm
FK-C120D 120 nm
FK-C140D 140 nm
FK-C160D 160 nm
FK-C180D 180 nm
FK-C200D 200 nm
FK-C250D 250 nm
FK-C300D 300 nm
FK-C350D 350 nm
FK-C400D 400 nm


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