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Certain functional dyes are known to be medicinal and/or bioactive. Some dyes are used as cell staining dyes and have fluorescent properties. Nagase Viita is exploring new applications utilizing these functions and developing new materials in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

No Dye Name Structure Comparative Data
1 ICG analog ICG

Excitation: 774 nm
Emission: 805 nm

2 Cy3 analog Cy3

Excitation: 552 nm
Emission: 565 nm

3 Cy5 analog Cy5

Excitation: 650 nm
Emission: 667 nm

4 DiO-C5(3) analog DiO-C5(3)

Excitation: 482 nm
Emission: 497 nm

5 Thiazole orange analog Thiazole orange

Excitation: 510 nm
Emission: 530 nm

6 Coumarin6 Excitation: 365 nm
Emission: 430 nm
  • Experience: Specialized in Cyanine Dye, Coumarin Dye synthesis
  • Variety: 10,000 compounds libraries.