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Colorants applicable to fluoropolymer covering materials of electric wire. The “FCM Masterbatch Series” using our advanced pigment dispersion technology enables customers to realize these properties and then produce electric wire with ultra-thin layer. The masterbatches offer a variety of choices from full line-up according to application and types of fluoropolymer, including FEP, ETFE and PFA, as well as a total solution including colour choice based on customer requirements.


Give superior colour identification properties and hiding power by addition in a smaller amount to electric wires.


Proper formulation design using carefully selected materials is performed without damaging characteristics of fluoropolymer.

Additional Information

Mini-pellets available and suitable for ultra-fine electric wires. The “FCM” mini-pellets, whose size is smaller compared with the standard products, is developed for ultra-fine electric wire with ultra-thin layer, and it is possible to provide a steady supply.

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Saskia Kriese

Sales Manager