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We offer electroconductive materials which consist of antimony-doped tin oxide (ATO), an electron conductor. The materials show excellent conductivity and absorption of near infrared rays (heat rays). Material is available in acicular and spherical shapes, that enable highly conductive clear, white, and colored coatings, plastics, adhesives and more.


Major applications:

  • Conductive primer for electrostatic coating
  • Anti-static coating (building material, floor, film)
  • Anti-static ink
  • Anti-static resin and fiber
  • Heat shielding coating (film)
  • Thermal fiber


  • Can be used in light color
  • Can be also used in transparent applications
  • Consistent electro-conductivity against humidity changes
  • Temporal stability of antistatic properties
  • Chemical stability
  • Heat stability

Product Varieties

The following four types of products are available:
ET series : White electro-conductive titanium dioxide, spherical type
FT series : White electro-conductive titanium dioxide, acicular type
SN series : Transparent electro-conductive materials, spherical type
FS series : Transparent electro-conductive materials, acicular type

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