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Sensor core is magnetic steel core for hall current sensor in inverter and battery management system used in xEV (PHEV, BEV, HEV or FCEV). It offers highly accurate, safe, industry-proven solutions that can help lead your EV applications and also gives you a competitive edge.


  • Battery Management System
  • Inverter
  • Current Sensor


  • Very precise current measurement for high currents
  • Magnetic steel core
  • Guaranteed magnetic performance
  • Available for grain oriented electrical steel and non-oriented electrical steel

Product Varieties

  • Winding Core
  • Laminated Core
  • Dual Orientation Laminated Core
  • Partially Moulded Wound Core


  • Customisable to meet your need
  • Very accurate
  • Excellent saturation
  • High quality
  • Patented technology


Tobias Back

Sales Manager