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Provides better battery performance by far best heat resistance, super-high porosity, and high affinity with any types of electrolyte.

Q: What is our cellulose separator?
A: The first high performance, lithium-ion batteries separator made from 100 % cellulose.

Compared to polyolefin separator, our separator has far best heat resistance, super-high porosity, and high liquid retention rate.
These properties provide improvement in input-output characteristics and cycle life in the batteries.


  1. LiB for BEV, Strong-HEV and 48v-Mild HEV
  2. LiB for start-stop 12V battery (as a replacement of lead acid battery)


1 – High Heat Resistance


Compared to polyolefin separator, cellulose separator is highly heat resistant and its thermal stability allows for safer battery design.




2 – Far superior ionic conduction by high porosity and highly dense structure

By achieving both high porosity and high denseness, Li ion can move quickly while separation function remains and it leads to reduction of internal reistance in charge / discharge.




3 – Excellent affinity to electrolyte and high liquid retention rate

Easily get wet with any type of electrolyte (even high viscosity types) and retain them in space between fine fibers, providing longer cycle life.

Product Varieties

Material Cellulose
14 20 25
0.53 0.46 0.48
65 69 68
Tensile Strength
[N/15 mm]
9.0 11.1 14.7
9 8 10


1) Because separator is made from cellulose, it tends to absorb moisture, and depending on circumstances, it might contain 7-10 % moisture. When assembling cell with our separator, sufficient drying is required.
2) Recommended drying condition is in the range of 100~140 °C within 24 hours by vacuum drying.
3) After drying procedure, please handle the products under the low dew point environment. Recommended dew point is less than -60 °C.
4) In the drying procedure, the products may shrink about 1 % lenghtwise and widthwise, so please design your product after taking this shrinkage into consideration.
5) Compared to general micro porous film separator, our separator has higher porosity, so please adjust the amount of electrolytic solution to fit the porosity.



  • Contributing to your green solution
  • Increasing performance of your battery
  • Reducing your production and cost burden
  • 100 % plant based
  • High recyclability
  • Excellent affinity between heat-resistant, high void and electrolyte to contribute to better battery performance
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Production efficiency


Attila Komlos

Sales Manager