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Discover the forefront of dementia research with Kishida Chemical’s “Various Anti-Tau Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Series.” Our cutting-edge antibodies, designed for research use only, delve into the intricate world of Tau protein. Tau, crucial for microtubule formation and stability, plays a pivotal role in brain development, axonal transport, and signaling regulation.


  • Comprehensive Monoclonal Antibody Series:
    Explore a diverse range of anti-Tau rabbit monoclonal antibodies tailored for dementia research.
  • Innovative ELISA Kit:
    Measure Tau levels in blood, providing valuable insights for neurodegenerative studies.

Tau protein abnormalities are linked to neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s.


Kishida aims to develop a dementia diagnostic kit that provides early, simple, cost-effective, and safe diagnostic methods.

Rapid Diagnostic Kit (Anti-Tau) Amyloid PET Cognitive Function Test CSF Analysis Diagnostic Imaging
User General practitioner Hospital N/A Hospital N/A Hospital N/A Hospital N/A Hospital
Early Diagnosis N/A N/A N/A
Accuracy ? (Testing) ? N/A ?
Simplicity N/A N/A N/A
(consumables, kit)
(PET cyclotron)
Safety N/A
(radiation exposure)
(lumbar puncture)
(radiation exposure)
Cost in Japan
700-2900 USD
Not covered by insurance
20 USD
Covered by insurance
680 points
Covered by insurance
40-540 USD
Covered by insurance

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