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Trans-1,2-Dichloroethylene (DCE)

Chemical Formula: C2H2Cl2

Molecular Weight: 96,94

Chemical & Physical Properties:

A colorless liquid with slightly irritating odor.

Melting Point: -57 °C

Boiling Point: 48 °C

Density: 1.256 g/mL

Vapors may form flammable and explosive gas mixtures with air. Reacts violently with oxidants. Store in an area isolated from acids and basis.


A high purity chlorine source mainly used to speed up silicon oxidation and clean furnace tubes in wafer process. An electronic chemical needed for the manufacturing process of semiconductor, solar cell, discrete devices and MEMS products. The best-known chlorine source so far for CVD process below 800 ℃. It reacts with Oxygen under high temperature and then releases HCl and CO2 gases. As a result, such HCl gas reacts with metal residue and then be extracted in order to have furnace tubes cleaned.

Product Specification

Product 7.5N
Purity (based on metals analyzed), min 99.999995%
(Al)max 0.03ppb (B )max 0.3ppb
(Ag)max 0.03 ppb (Na)max 0.03ppb
(As)max 0.06 ppb (Ni)max 0.03ppb
(Au)max 0.06 ppb (Pb)max 0.03ppb
(Ba)max 0.03 ppb (Sn)max 0.03ppb
(Bi)max 0.03 ppb (Sr)max 0.03ppb
(Ca)max 0.03 ppb (Nb)max 0.1ppb
(Cd)max 0.09 ppb (Ti)max 0.03ppb
(Co)max 0.03 ppb (P)max 0.3ppb
(Cu)max 0.06 ppb (Zn)max 0.06ppb
(Cr)max 0.03 ppb (Sb)max 0.03ppb
(Fe)max 0.15 ppb Acidity (HCl)max 0.38ppm
(Ga)max 0.03 ppb Water max 12.85ppm
(Hg)max 0.09 ppb Assay min 99.97%
( K)max 0.03 ppb Particles/ml ≥0.1μm, max 0.97
(Li)max 0.03 ppb Particles/ml ≥0.2μm, max 0.3
(Mg)max 0.03 ppb Particles/ml
≥0.5μm, max
(Mn)max 0.03 ppb Chroma max 10APHA
(Si)max 0.3 ppb Appearance Colorless transparent liquid

Shelf Life: 24 months

Packaging Size

Container: Coated high purity quartz bubbler.
Packaging: PVC plastic bag + Polyfoam + Drum.
Fill Volume: 500ml, 1000ml, 1500ml, 19L.


Enes Islemecioglu

Sales Manager