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NAGASE Personal Care’s Microplastic Bead (MPBs) Free foundation formulation developed with RUBLALEAF™ KCX-6000 has won the Make-Up Bar Silver Award at in-cosmetics® global in France.
The Make-Up Bar Award was given to the most innovative developments in color cosmetics and make-up after being judged by a panel of cosmetic experts at the event.

RUBLALEAF™ KCX-6000 (INCI: Cellulose, Zinc Stearate) is the state-of-the-art, spherical, 100% plant-based, high-biodegradable sensory enhancer suitable for:

  • 1) Natural, sustainable makeup products with prestige quality
  • 2) Pressed powder with soft, creamy, and even texture
  • 3) Semi-matte lipstick with enhanced color and excellent spreadability

Surface treated with fatty acids, RUBLALEAF™ KCX-6000 improves the compatibility with oil-based cosmetics such as: lipstick, pressed powder, and eyeshadow.

Conventionally, MPBs were often used in makeup products, but with RUBLALEAF™ KCX-6000, makeup can have the same effect without negativity impacting on the environment.

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