Nagase Group is pleased to announce that it has received the following ratings from CDP, an international non-profit organization, for its outstanding efforts and information disclosure in its Climate Change Report 2023, Water Security 2023, and Forest <Palm Oil> 2023 reports.

Each CDP report is rated on an eight-point scale from “A” and “A minus” to “D” and “D minus” for strategies, responses, information disclosure, and other initiatives, and the evaluation of strategies, initiatives, and information disclosure status is made public.

CDP 2023
Climate Change: A-  (2022 A-)
Water security: A (2022 A).
Forest <Palm oil>: B (2022 B)

We will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through proactive efforts and information disclosure on environmental issues such as climate change, water security, and forest <palm oil> across the Group.

For more information about our efforts for a sustainable future, please click here:

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