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Oil Thickener – Taiset OG-C

A novel breakthrough natural oil soluble thickener designed to deliver rhelogy properties and benefits while covering range of oils/waxes.

Key benefits

  • Forms translucent gel-to-milk cleansers
  • Excellent stability, spreadability and rinsability
  • Stabilizes suspensions, anhydrous gels and emulsions
  • Brings a luxurious smooth and silky skin feeling
  • Moiturising properties
  • Compatible with esters and non-polar oils

INCI Names

Polyglyceryl-20 Octadecabehenate/Hydroxystearate


ISO 16128


Swiss Only


  • Skin Care
  • Body Care
  • Sun Care
  • Makeup

Personal Care

Maiko Ohashi & Harmonie Magniez

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